Power & Network Back-up Co. Ltd.

Power & network Back up Company Limited (P&N) was founded in 2008. As the name suggests, the company was established to give answers to lots of engineering problems facing different stakeholders in Tanzania and beyond. As a result P&N has provided a lot of solution to different stakeholders ranging from services related to power (electricity), telecommunication services, supply and fix of spare parts, engine services, air conditioning services Sale and maintenance of power generation equipment, mining and marine machines as well as supplying, fuel and lubricants to the above machines. For all these years the company’s performance exceeded all expectations of the Board of Directors. The Company has been a solution to both local and foreign investors as well as service providers.

Supply & Distribution

Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd with Our team of logistics specialists, analyze and design a customized supply and distribution strategy to meet your needs whether for new program specific needs or to meet a short term project requirement, Or dovetails with your particular organizations requirements, Serving Government ministries, municipalities, the broader public sector and Read more...


Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd with Our management consultants provide training and support that consists of, Preventive, Planning and Scheduling, Spare Parts Management, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Maintenance Audit/Maintenance Assessment, Preventive Maintenance Strategy Development and Predictive Maintenance Strategy Development. Maintain now your business in the field of power generation, tower construction, telecom operation, and Internet provision with Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd to Lower Operating Assets, Maintenance Costs and Improve Reliability.


Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd in its Engineering Service, Provides site surveys, detailed installation documentations, Bill of Material specifications, and material ordering for the targeted installation work. Also provide Furnishing Services which include Ordering, tracking, and shipping of installation materials and management of the procurement process. Read more...


Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd provide engineering consulting services to the Electrical Power and Telecommunication industry. Electric power is a primary necessity in all community and industrial activities. Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd is a provider of professional technical personnel and engineering consultants for all types of generating plants and telecommunications.

With 20 years of combined experience, Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd delivers the best whole plant solutions for Fuel power and Telecommunications activities. We can provide consulting services for projects of any scope and size worldwide.