Power & network Back up Company Limited is now more than   75%  through its ten-year strategy, initiated in 2008. The strategy is known as shared vision and aims to, among other things provide full site maintenance for telecommunication industry and give room for telecommunication companies to concentrate in selling their products. (Zantel Tanzania Limited is enjoying this service).P&N is preparing ring itself to start Tower shares services either by itself or in collaboration with other companies inside or outside the country.

To provide superior levels of customer satisfaction, focusing on specific customer requirements, offering customer value proposition that is mutually rewarding and establishing lasting customer relationship.

We will avoid dependence on specific businesses, geographical area and markets but explore a wider exposure to meet customer needs.

We are customers best first and last solution especially in hard time.((difficulties situations where others run away )
Our strong contact relationships and expertise in this respect among the influence-rs and decision makers in Tanzania market will allow our rapid growth and exposure thus achieving a big market share.

To grow profitable portfolio of both local and international business which provide customer with superior value proposition?

With target market segments in Mobile phones companies power generators, agriculture machines, mining and marine engines.

We have planned to secure up to 40% of parts suppliers to engines  and alternator which do not have dealers in Tanzania Like, Yamah, Isuzu, Iveco, Lister Peter, Leroy Summer Alternator, Stanford new age alternators and others. P&N Management believes that there are untapped market opportunities.


We have had an opportunity to prove the capability of our services, educate the potential clients and establish customer relationship hence meeting the ever growing demand for spare parts.

We also provide a collection of other technologies and infrastructures to enable operators to provide their customers with world class telecommunication solutions, direct, or in collaboration with other world big Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers.