Progress and success are planned and executed properly. Our directors and project managers guide each project to
success. We deliver quality through our projects because we very carefully select knowledgeable, hardworking and
honest people to execute client projects on ime and budget. Our management is the reason we are successful.
We care about our people and empower them to make important decisions on the jobsite. We encourage
independence and give our employees the training and the support they need to make the right decisions for our
clients. We trust our people to make good decisions, and our clients trust us because we deliver

Costantine F. Mumba
 Managing Director

Gilliard Lotti
Finance Director

Marwa Mwita
Project Director

Muhammed A. Muhammed
Managed Service Director

Al Mashgary Khalid Yaslem
Senior Management

Justus Theobard
Quality Management

 Idrisa Zaidi Kinyagu
Managed Service Manager

Lewis Ndaro
Commercial Manager

Rogers Mathius
Project Manager

Gerald Shewere
Project Manager

Wenceslaus Mwacha
Project Manager